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The Details Matter | Heritage Millwork Inc, Ramsey, MN

  • Poplar Torrefied 2663
  • Poplar Torrefied 409371
  • Poplar Torrefied 2663
  • Poplar Torrefied 2663

With so many different door combinations and options available, sometimes picking your details can be overwhelming. The decisions you make can really change the appearance of your entry door.

Adding a dentil shelf will add shadow lines and depth to your door. Should you choose clear glass or a pattern glass, muntins or not.  Do you want flat panels with square sticking or ovolo sticking. Maybe raised panels are more your style. The good thing is no matter what combinations you choose, your front door will reflect a little bit of your own personality and flare. So when you are looking at the details, give it some thought, because the details really do matter.

Shown below is a Poplar Torrefied Front Entry Door.  This door features a torrefied dentil shelf, Clear TDL glass, flat panels with ovolo sticking.

Poplar Torrefied Solid Wood Poplar Torrefied Solid Wood Poplar Torrefied Solid Wood Poplar Torrefied Solid Wood


This particular door is for Lloyd Lumber in North Mankato.

Species Poplar Torrefied
Lemieux Artisan Collection
Design 2633
Clear TDL 3 Light Glass
3-0 x 8-0


Knotty Alder sure seems to be a popular wood choice lately, and for good reason.  It really adapts well to a variety of home types, from rustic to modern, Knotty Alder is very versatile.  This beautiful Front Entry Door will be leaving Heritage Millwork Inc and making it’s way to Lampert Lumber in Rockford.  It is a 6-0 double door with a Parrett Arched Transom.

Species – Knotty Alder (LVL Core)
Artisan Collection – 2661 – 6 Light TDL
Clear Insulated Tempered Glass
Endura Ultimate Multipoint Flip Lever Astragal
6-9/16″ Endura FrameSaver Frame with a Z-Series Sill
White Colored Brickmould Clad
Right Hand Inswing

Knotty Alder 2661 Artisan Collection

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